5k Fan Groups

5k Fan Groups

My Cardio/Health students have been preparing for a 5k for the last few months.  We’ve talking about hydration and nutriton for race week and race day.  We’ve practiced our goal paces and reflected on how these paces feel.  We’ve run many miles in training.  We’ve reviewed the course.  These students are almost ready and I can hardly wait.

One thing that we are doing differently this year is splitting the 5k over two days.  The reason that I wanted to have my classes run on two days is simple.  If they all ran together there would be 40 runners in each block and 3 people cheering (me and my T.A.s).  When we spread it over two days.  Half of the class can cheer while the other half runs.  Students have selected cheer groups and we’re going to setup 4 stations along the course.  We’re going to take a look at some examples of crazy fans today in an effort to get their creative juices flowing on how bet to encourage their classmates.  Here are some examples I’m going to show in class.

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