7 Day Vegan – Day Two

7 Day Vegan – Day Two

Day one of #7dayvegan was a success – no cheese, no milk chocolate, no whey protein, no yogurt, no eggs… That feels like a whole lot of “no.”

When I consider what I hope this week looks like for me, I want to be sure that it’s not just about getting rid of things from my diet.  I know that I do have ascetic tendencies, but I also know that if this vegan thing (is that what we call it?) is just about self-sacrifice, it certainly won’t last longer than 7 days.   I understand that saying “no” to some foods that I love is simply part of what this has to be, but I’d like to also use this week to explore a few things that I might want to add to my diet.

What are the delicious vegan meals, snacks, and deserts that I have never considered?  I think I’d like to try a least a handful of new things this week.  I found a blog called Oh She Glows with a ton of delicious looking vegan recipes.  I’ll have to pick up a few ingredients but I think I’ll try some Chocolate Chia Pudding tonight.

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