7 Day Vegan – Day Eight

7 Day Vegan – Day Eight

The 10k leg of the Auburn Triathlon went well yesterday.  I’ve never done the course before so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I felt strong the whole time.  I think that I can at least say that my performance wasn’t adversely effected by my 7 days of veganism.

So the 7 days are over.  I did it and I feel great.  In fact, I think I’m going to keep it up, mostly.  I’m going to make a few adjustments going forward (at least for a while).  First, I’m going to add back eggs as long as they are from my own backyard chickens.  I know that there are good reasons not to eat these but I think I feel okay about it for now.  Plus, we get about 6 eggs a day and since I’m the primary egg eater in my house, they’re backing up.  Second, I think that I may be a little bit more relaxed when we are on vacation.  When my family and I head to camp this summer, for instance, I’ll won’t beat myself up over having to find vegan options for every meal.

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4 Responses to “7 Day Vegan – Day Eight”

  1. Morgan Zerwas Says:

    Does this mean you will still enjoy a milkshake with me every night at Forest Home?


  2. Gregg (& Carla) Says:

    When our son suggested seeing the movie Forks Over Knives, we shifted gears from mostly vegetarian to “part-time” vegan…okay, darn near 100%. But with chickens in your backyard, how could you neglect the little eggsters? I, too, would break out the scramble now and then!


    • Mr. Zerwas Says:

      Gregg, we may soon be out of chickens. We’ve got a critter (likely a raccoon) that has nabbed 3 chickens in the last 5 days. I’ve tried to figure out how the thing is getting into the run but I’m at a loss. My care for animals is wearing thin for this raccoon. Ever had a raccoon burger?


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