7 Day Vegan – Day One

7 Day Vegan – Day One

My family and I have been vegetarians for the past 3 and a half years.  The transition from meat to meatless was easier than I expected.  We eat most of the same meals that we used to (stir fry, pizza, enchiladas, chili, soup, sandwiches, salads, cereals, egg dishes, tacos and burritos, etc.) just without the meat.  Recently, I’ve been listening to a few podcasts (No Meat Athlete Radio, and The Rich Roll Podcast), reading a few books (Finding Ultra, Eat and Run, and Thrive – The Vegan Nutrition Guide), and exploring a few blogs (nomeatathlete.com and zenhabits.net) that have pushed me to want to give veganism a shot.

So today is the day.  I’m wading into the waters of veganism for a 7 day experiment.  The big things that I’ll be removing from my current diet are:

  • Cheese – I load a bunch a parmesan cheese onto every salad I consume and I top many of my dinners (stir fry, burritos, soup, chili, etc) with a small handful of shredded cheddar.  
  • Yogurt – I have yogurt about 2 times a day – once with some berries and protein powder for a midday snack and again in a smoothie after dinner.  
  • Whey Protein – I eat whey protein like it’s candy.  I put it on my oatmeal in the morning on my yogurt and berry mixture later on, then in my evening smoothies.  I’ve go for the cheap Costco sized bags of it even though I know this has artificial sweeteners in it.  In preparation for this vegan week, I picked up some hemp protein and some rice protein.  Neither of them tastes bad but they aren’t nearly as sweet as my sacharine laden whey.  I’ve heard that I will get used to the milder flavor as my taste buds change.  I’m skeptical so far.
  • Milk Chocolate – I sometimes have some pretty serious chocolate cravings.  I don’t really even try to resist.  I’ve got to get this figured out.  Perhaps vegan dark chocolate or carob??
  • Eggs – We’ve got our own backyard chickens so I know that the eggs I eat are local and that the chickens are well-cared for.  Even still, for this 7 day experiment, I’ll be going without eggs.

I’ll figure I’ll give this a shot for 7 days then reevaluate.  Maybe it will stick.  Maybe I’ll find out that it’s too much for me.

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7 Responses to “7 Day Vegan – Day One”

  1. Keli Says:

    Hi Nick,
    I ate a total vegan (whole foods only) diet for about 8 months. It took about two weeks to rid my body of all the junk I’d been eating for the last 50+ years. I lost a lot of weight and never felt better in my life. My cholesterol dropped to normal, lowered my blood sugar and blood pressure. My doctor was truly amazed and said, “keep doing what you’re doing!,

    I have slowly let unhealthy foods creep back in my diet, and unfortunately feeling the effects. And asking myself, why oh why did I go back to eating any sort of animal product???

    I’m encouraged by your personal challenge, and will begin my vegan (whole foods) journey with you. My hope is that I will not stop after day 7.

    Let me know how you’re doing.



  2. Sarah Hornacek Says:

    You can do it! I’ve done no dairy and no eggs for quite some time now (gluten free as well). There are great dairy free organic dark chocolate bars out there…trader joe’s has a few that are awesome! There are also tasty protein powders that are vegan, Vega and PlantFusion are both delicious. Hope that helps you on your vegan journey!


    • Mr. Zerwas Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Sarah. I’m heading over to Trader Joe’s today to check out the dark chocolate (and by “check out” I mean eat.)


  3. Jeni Says:

    Totally recommend this vegan chocolate: http://www.righteouslyrawchocolate.com/ Personally, I feel the best is the caramel one. They sell it at Whole Foods or online on Amazon. It costs an arm and a leg though.


  4. The Easier Softer Way Says:

    Awesome page! I am grateful for your posts and will continue to view your page. Would love to discuss the possibility of partnering with our site, The Easier Softer Way!


  5. Health Junkies Says:

    Everybody seems to be making the switch to vegan these days. A lot of vegans try to stear clear of whey protein because it does come from cow’s milk and tend to go for the pea and rice protein powders.


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