A Dance that Inspires

We recently finished our dance unit in Freshman PE.  Groups of students presented multicultural dances wearing semi-authentic garb from Ireland, Germany, Hungary, Ghana, and a few other places around the globe.  Speaking of dances from around the world, I showed my kids (6, 4, and almost 2) this video of Matt dancing his way through dozens of countries.  They couldn’t get enough.  I’m hoping to convince them to let me film them in a similar style video around Placer County.  What do you think?  Could it go viral?

Then I thought about my PE and Cardio classes and wondered if a similar sort of fitness/video scavenger hunt around the campus might be a fun Friday activity.  Things like, film 2 members of your team doing 20 perfect push-ups on benches in the quad, find a teacher currently on prep period and film your group teaching her or him the perfect form for walking lunges…

I think it could work.  Stay tuned.

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