Accidental Parade

October 22, 2012


Accidental Parade

I went into my classroom on Saturday morning to drop a few things off and get ready for the coming week.  When I pulled into the parking lot, there were cars and buses everywhere.  I had forgotten about the Band Spectacular.  There were a few people directing traffic and they (very reluctantly) let me through and told me that I could try and find a place to park in the back of campus.  I did.  I was in my room for about an hour.  When I got back in my car and drove to the front of campus, the folks directing traffic were occupied with another car so I thought I’d just sneak around them…

I could see that there were a few bands standing in the street but it looked like they were just warming up.  I could clearly tell that I had plenty of room to navigate my minivan (yes, I drive a minivan) around the bands and make my way back home.  So I pulled out into the street, went into the bike lane to get around the first two bands, then pulled up behind a band with a wider girth than the others.  Just as I realized that I couldn’t make it around this band and I couldn’t turn around, I also noticed that these bands were no longer warming up but that the parade had actually started.  I was stuck.

I drove at a very slow pace for a half a mile following the band in green and being chased by the band in black.  I felt like I should have been waving and throwing candy but I kept my eyes fixed on my steering wheel, trying desperately to avoid eye-contact with the spectators lining the street.  I turned left at my first opportunity and didn’t look back.

This was my first time in a parade and I have to say it was much more awkward than I expected it to be.

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