Bibs, Crazy Names, and Personal Goals

Bibs, Crazy Names, and Personal Goals

The Del Oro Cardio/Health 5k will take place in less than a week.  Today my students made their race bibs.  We basically cut printer paper in half so that each student has a 8.5 x 5.5 bib.  On the front, they used color and creativity to write their race number (they could choose any school-appropriate number they’d like) and their name or their race nickname (like “The Runmaster J”). On the back, they wrote their real name, some non-time related personal goals, and their goal time and pace (which I provided based on their average mile time throughout the term).

I’ve got a few stacks of bibs and I’m getting pretty excited for the race.  Reading through students personal goals has been delightful and hilarious.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Don’t Throw Up
  • Run my last mile faster than my first
  • Win this thing
  • Give every cheerer a solid high five
  • Cross the finish line while standing on my feet
  • Don’t walk (even on the hard parts)
  • Regularly remind myself that it’s only 3.1 miles
  • Pass 5 people in the final half mile
  • Smile the whole time (except on the hills)

Looking forward to celebrating with students as they reach these goals Thursday and Friday.  I can hardly wait.

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