Caring and Mentoring

January 22, 2012

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Caring and Mentoring

There is a great power that’s inherent in simple, kind, and specific feedback from a caring adult. I commit to creating an environment in which students can be proud of their voice and their work. I commit to noticing the good in each student and celebrating that good. It’s too easy to be consumed with a schedule, a lesson, a grade, or standard. It’s too easy to be consumed with the negative parts of a student’s behavior and somehow allow these negative behaviors to define who a student is. I will fight these tendencies. I will take the time and energy and care that it takes to notice the good in students. I will point this out to them with words and actions. I will celebrate each student’s achievements (both large and small.)

The way this is most obvious in the classroom is in the simple positive culture that is created – the daily words of encouragement, the smile, the respect and dignity that is reflected by showing and telling each student that they matter and they have something important to contribute to the classroom and the world.

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