Collaborative Learning and Planning

March 5, 2012


Collaborative Learning and Planning

I want to teach students that they are not isolated from their neighbors or the world around them. I want to teach students that they are better together, with all of their diversity, than they ever could be alone. I can imagine the irony of trying to teach these things to students while doing all of my lesson planning on my own. Instead of being isolated myself, I can model the beauty of collaborative work by working with students, fellow teachers, and other community members to plan lessons and activities.

For instance, the School District, where my daughter goes to kindergarten, puts on a fundraising 5k, 10k and half-marathon every year. As a PE teacher, I can imagine collaborating with the organizers of this run and creating a lesson for my classroom to focus on the value of running and healthy living. Perhaps students in my classes could prepare a booth for the festival that happens at the event to educate others in the community about some aspect of fitness. It’s collaboration like this that makes for the best and most memorable lessons.

In what ways are you collaborating in your learning and your planning?


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