Fundraising with Donors Choose

Fundraising with Donors Choose

I heard about a fundraising site called a few months ago from my mom.  According to the about page, “Donors Choose is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you.”  It sounded simple enough but I still wasn’t sure I had the time to try and figure it out.  So I bookmarked it.  And told myself I’d take a more careful look when I had time.  Well, yesterday I had time.

I sat down for about an hour, explored the options, setup an account, wrote a few paragraphs about my students and my classroom equipment needs, and submitted a project for approval.  I got an email back within 24 hours to let me know that my project had been approved.  My project is basically to beef up our mobile broadcasting kit.  We’ve got willing students and some decent cameras and tripods.  What would be nice to have in our mobile arsenal is a mobile teleprompter and a great overhead mic.  I found a way to create an inexpensive teleprompter using an ipad and its box so the total cost for these two items is just about $900.  I submitted the project and emailed my mom to thank her for the fundraising suggestion.

She donated right away.  The she told my sister and she donated too.  Donors Choose is matching donations through the 14th of May so my $900 goal is down to under 700 and I’ve only told my mom so far.

So here’s the pitch: would you consider giving my students some money for some mobile broadcasting gear?  When you give before the 14th of May and you use the match code INSPIRE during checkout, your donation will be doubled.  Plus, I’ll send you some great video that my students produce using the new equipment.  C’mon people, dig deep.  You can read the details of my project and give by clicking here.  Be sure to use the match code INSPIRE.

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