Hello My Blood Type Is

February 16, 2012

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Hello My Blood Type Is

On Tuesday in Cardio/Health we covered blood types.  We talked about the antigens that are attached to the red blood cells with each of the 8 blood types.  We talked about who can donate to whom.  About half of the class seemed to really get it.  The other half… not so much.  So I started class yesterday with a review and a mixer that students really enjoyed.  After the mixer, I think that about 95 percent of the students had a decent grasp of how blood types work.  Here’s how it went down:

When students walked into the classroom they each found a name tag on their desk.  Instead of saying, “Hello, My Name Is” these tags said, “Hello, My Type Is.”  Each tag also had a blood type listed on it.  I reviewed the blood types and asked few students to tell me what antigens they were carrying with their particular type.  I then had the student mingle for a few minutes looking for a donor and a receiver.  When the class came back together, I called on a few students to share their blood types, their antigens, and the names of their donor and receiver friends.  We checked each other’s work as a class.


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