Here’s what happened this summer

August 13, 2013


Here’s what happened this summer

Today marks the end of my first summer as a teacher.  It was a fantastic and full summer.  Not that you asked, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Del Oro’s Graduation made national news so we had to do it again a few days later.  It turned out to be a good experience for my video team to have the chance to see their footage picked up by some big news channels.
  • We took a couple camping trips – one to Morro Bay and one to Lake Almanor.  Both of these trips were more restful than I expected as I was able to “unplug” for a few days (something I could rarely do with my previous job as a web developer.)


a camping trip to lake almanor


  • In addition to camping, we went to camp.  That’s right, we spent a week at a family camp called Forest Home in the San Bernardino mountains.  We hiked, kayaked, climbed up a climbing wall, zipped down a zip line, slept in, enjoyed some delicious food and conversation, and Morgan even shot arrows with Anders strapped to her chest (they are both amazing.)



  • The downside of camp is that Cormick broke his arm and had to be in a full arm cast for three weeks.  He took it much better than I would have.


  • We were able to vacation with both of our families.



  • Morgan and Bracken have the garden going like crazy.  We’ve got all sorts of delicious melon, tomatoes, squash, and even a few massive pumpkins.


  • Two of our kids swam for the local team.  They practiced every weekday and had a meet just about every Saturday.  They loved it.


It’s back to school tomorrow but I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Thanks, Summer Vacation.  I’ll see you next year.

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