Hero Shambo and Building Teams

January 11, 2012

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Hero Shambo and Building Teams

TeamPedia is a great resource for team building activities.  Today in Cardio/Health we spent about 5 minutes with an exercise from TeamPedia called Hero Shambo.  TeamPedia gives it the subtitle “Paper Rock Scissors with a Twist.”  It’s basically a big game of Rock Paper Scissors (aka roshambo) where the winners keep playing and the losers cheer like crazy for the winners.  If I’m in the game and I get beat by Julie, I then follow Julie around for the rest of the game calling her name and cheering her on.  The game culminates with the ultimate duel between two players.  Each of these players has half of the class standing by her or his side, chanting their name cheering raucously for their victory.

Good times were had by most.  Students seemed to feel included.  We all learned a few names, as it’s hard to forget Charlie after following him around and shouting his name 40 times in a row.

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