How To Spike a Volleyball

Want to learn how to spike a volleyball? Here are 4 things you’ll want to pay attention to:

  1. The Approach – The most common approach is called the 4-Step.  You will start with your dominant foot.  This means that the four steps for a right-handed hitter will be Right, Left, Right, Left.  The steps get progressively quicker and progressively bigger as you go.
  2. The Arm Swing – A hitter’s arms should swing back right before she or he jumps in order to increase the power and height of the jump.  For the first 2 steps, your arms will simply remain at your side.  With the 3rd step, the arms should be swinging back and after the 4th step the arms should swing quickly forward with the momentum of the body.
  3. The Arm Position – The non-dominant arm should reach as high as possible on the jump.  The dominant arm should be cocked and ready to strike through the ball.
  4. Placing the Ball – Follow through with your dominant hand in the direction you’d like to place the ball.

Thanks to Jonny Neeley for this quick video demo.

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