I Have to Finish the Story

April 10, 2012


I Have to Finish the Story

I love good stories.  Whether it’s in a movie, a book, a television show, the newspaper, or from the mouth of a friend, there’s something about a story that captivates me.  I get sucked in.  When I put my youngest son to bed each night, I rock him on my lap and slowly and quietly read him a few stories.  Almost every night, my son falls asleep after about a dozen pages.  If I wanted to I could lay him down in his bed and leave the room.  Instead, I always finish the book.  It’s like I have to know what happens to that runaway bunny and whether or not the engine that thought it could really would make it over the hill.

A friend told me this weekend that this is something that is innate to all humankind.  We have something in us that is drawn to stories.  We naturally want to be part of a good story – a story in which the main character wants something so badly that she or he is willing to overcome great obstacles in order to get it.

I wonder what my story will be today.

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