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August 27, 2014

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Monday was parent night at Del Oro High School.  In previous years, I’ve had my broadcasting students record a news show the week before that I can show to their parents.  If the show doesn’t come out great, if the transitions are that smooth, if the audio needs some work, I can fix all of that in post production so that the parents will get to see a relatively decent project.  This year, I decided we’d risk it and try doing it live.

We ran through the show a few times during class on Monday morning and then on Monday night, we went live.  A team of 6 students were in the studio running a video switcher, sound board, teleprompter, and a camera.  They broadcast a show live to the internet and I showed it to their parents on the big screen in my classroom next door.  Many of the parents thought that show was pre recorded until the very end when the anchors invited them into the studio.

Despite the few kinks, it was my favorite parent night so far.  Take a look.

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