Making Lungs Out of Gatorade Bottles

February 2, 2012

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In Cardio/Health Class this morning we took rubber-bands, balloons, play-dough, 20oz plastic bottles, and drinking straws to construct model lungs.  I know that you are probably going to want to try this yourself so here’s the process:

  1. Cut the hard plastic bottom off of the 20oz bottle
  2. Punch a hole in the bottle top without stabbing yourself or your partner in the leg with your scissors
  3. Place the straw (cut to about 3 inches) through the hole and make an airtight seal using the play-dough
  4. Place a small balloon (water balloon size) around the bottom end of the straw and secure it with a rubber-band
  5. Cut open a large balloon (party balloon size) and secure it around the bottom of the bottle with a rubber-band.
  6. Push up on the large balloon (the diaphragm) and watch the small balloon (the lung) contract.  Release the diaphragm and watch the lung expand.

Correction from the video: The bottle should represent something like the chest cavity while the small balloon represent the lung (not the alveoli).

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