Nutrition Diva Presentations – Part 1

March 16, 2012

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My cardio/health classes have been working in groups on their Nutrition Diva presentations for over a week now.  Presentations began yesterday and we had some great ones.  Here are a few highlights from the first round pf presentations.

  • We had a chocolate vs. carob taste test then we explored the nutritional differences between the two.
  • One group did a demonstration on how to make the perfect smoothie.  They talked about things to include (plain yogurt, fresh fruit, peanut butter) and things to avoid (ice-cream, excess sugar).

  • We had a group explain the hidden carbohydrates that are in foods we eat every day.

  • One group explored tips for making positive nutritional choices.

  • We had a group talk about how to use food to prevent sunburns (by eating it, not rubbing it on your body).

  • One group discussed the question “Is Frozen Yogurt Healthy.  They even brought in yogurt pie to share with the class.  Delicious.
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