School Spirit and the Game of the Week

November 1, 2012


School Spirit and the Game of the Week

Each week of the high school football season, News 10 in Sacramento has an online contest called the Fan Game of the Week.  They put up 4 different games around the area and allow people to vote to see which one they will broadcast as the game of the week on Friday night.  People can go to the site all week and vote as many times as they’d like.  When you go to the page, you select the game of your choice, type in the garbled captcha characters, and click submit.  You can then refresh that page and vote again if you’d like.  News 10 actually encourages this with the instructions, “Refresh the page to vote again.”  At any time you can see the vote totals for the 4 options.

I happened to check the scores on Tuesday and I saw that Del Oro’s game against Rocklin was ahead with just over a thousand votes.  Two of the other games were close behind though.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you were part of a community that was so full of tenacious dedication that students and staff and parents would rally together to refresh that page and vote until there was not doubt which game would be broadcast?  I wonder how it might be to sit in a classroom with 30 computers and have students some time voting?  I wonder if student would cheer each other on?  I wonder if even the students that are otherwise hard to get engaged might be so fired up with school spirit that they would high five the person next to them when you hit 20,000 or 30,000, or 31,007 votes?  I wonder if students might start to chant the fight song while they voted and even ask if they could stay in at lunch to vote some more?

Go Eagles.

Fan Game of the Week Results

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