Thoughts on 21st Century Physical Education

Thoughts on 21st Century Physical Education

I recently read an excellent blog post from Brenden Jones about what physical education should look like in the 21st Century.  Jones points out:

There is certainly a move away from traditional “schooling” and practices in education, and PE is certainly not immune from this train of through. In fact I think in many respects the teaching of PE needs a shake, like a dusty old blanket. The days of the blackboard teacher are rapidly ending, with the reliance of “sage on the stage”, face the front, desks in rows, “repeat after me” teaching consigned to a necessary redundancy. Traditional PE practice of “give me some laps”, chuck them a ball, captains picking teams and ” BMI as assessment” (to name a few) need to go the same way.

The focus in Physical Education is shifting towards placing a greater emphasis on lifelong learning for both students and teachers and developing essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication.  Jones proposes that we use the word “coach” to better describe the job of a physical educator, as “it suggests someone working with people aiming for a goal, and our job is to maximise that potential through tailoring a program that meets their needs for the future.”

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