We had a poo poo party

April 29, 2013

Family, Motivation

We told our 2 and a half year old that when he was no longer wearing diapers, we’d throw a piñata party to celebrate.  We even went as as far as purchasing the piñata and hanging it over the changing table as a reminder/motivator.  Well, yesterday was the best (and so far, only) Poo Poo Party that I have ever attended.  Some extended family came to celebrate the big day.  There were banners, streamers, and a Lightning McQueen piñata filled with tootsie rolls.  After the piñata we enjoyed a pasta dinner with breadsticks shaped like turds.  Yes, that’s the first time I have ever typed those words.

A special thank you to those who came out to celebrate and to Cormick for bringing a close to the diaper chapter of his life.

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2 Responses to “We had a poo poo party”

  1. Anthony Le Donne Says:

    Sounds like a hoot… will there be a poo poo anniversary party next year?



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