Weight For It Reading Stations

Weight For It Reading Stations

We’re nearing the end of our nutrition unit in Cardio/Health.  I wanted to introduce the students to the material from a section of the textbook but I wanted to do it in a way that was fun and memorable for them.  Instead of a PowerPoint presentation or simply having them read on their own, I took an idea from my wonderful wife and setup several different reading stations around the room.

Each station had a number (1-8), two textbooks, an assigned section from the chapter (1-2 pages) a piece of butcher paper pinned to the wall, and a few markers.  I put the students into 8 different groups and had them make their way to the station that corresponded with their group number.  Every 5 minutes, groups rotated to a new station.  Each group would read the section from the text associated with the station, then come write something on the paper as they are instructed by the teacher.  Here are some of the things I had them write/draw/do:

  • Write what you think is the section’s main idea.
  • Write something that surprised you about the reading
  • Write something from the reading that you will share with a friend at brunch, “Hi Friend…”
  • If you agree with the main idea that the other group wrote, circle it.  If not, put a rectangle around it and write what you think is the main idea.
  • Use a new vocabulary word from the section in a sentence of your own.
  • Write something you found interesting from the section.
  • Write why this information is important to teenagers.
  • Draw a picture to represent something in the text.
  • Now that you know this info, what might you do differently tomorrow?  Bonus points if you can make it rhyme.

The completed butcher paper served as a somewhat informal assessment to see how well students were able to process and articulate the content from the chapter.  After students had visited each of the stations, we came back together as a class and debriefed/reviewed.  Students had a chance to share a favorite picture, rhyme, or fun fact.  Several students expressed that they liked this much better than simply reading the chapter.  Will they retain the information?  We’ll find out on Thursday with our Unit Exam.

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