Tax Collectors, Sinners, and the Fattened Calf

This was the second sermon in a four-week series on the story of the prodigal from Luke 15. It’s been called the greatest story ever told… the parable of the prodigal son. We come to it with Western mindsets thousands of years later and it’s easy to miss many of the nuances. Lost things getContinue reading “Tax Collectors, Sinners, and the Fattened Calf”

Searching For God Before 9 And After 5

We are obsessed with work… obsessed with accomplishing, and achieving. We want to be more efficient and productive. We rush from one thing to the next, checking email on our phones while standing in line at the grocery store or stopped at a red light. We’re addicted to work, and productivity. We’ve gone too far.Continue reading “Searching For God Before 9 And After 5”