Ice Cream Before School

It started when I was 4 years old.  My parents would take my sister and me out for ice cream the day before school started.  We’d go to an ice cream shop called Swanson’s.  I’d look over all of the flavors pretending to have a difficult time making a decision (Everyone in my family knewContinue reading “Ice Cream Before School”

Swimmers, you’re being watched

My two oldest kids swim for the Loomis Basin Dolphins.  Since I wasn’t a swimmer growing up it has taken me a while to learn the ins and outs of how this whole swim team thing works.  It’s a whole different culture with its own unique language and norms.  This year though. I’m fully in. Continue reading “Swimmers, you’re being watched”

I beat him again – but not really

Yesterday was my 10th year in a row running the California International Marathon.  It runs from Folsom through 6 different cities on its way to the steps of the Capitol Building in Sacramento.  In previous years, there’s been major rain or freezing winds, but yesterday’s weather was perfect – high 40s at the start andContinue reading “I beat him again – but not really”

7 Day Vegan – Day Six

I’ve got my first vegan race tomorrow.  The race itself isn’t vegan but it will be the first race that I have competed in since being a vegan.  It’s the Auburn Triathlon and I’ll just be doing the 10k run leg of the relay.  My training this week has felt fine.  I haven’t had anyContinue reading “7 Day Vegan – Day Six”

7 Day Vegan – Day Five

When I signed up for the #7DayVegan challenge, I clicked a box that said something like “Send me an email everyday to check in.” I love getting email so this seemed like a good idea. Yesterday’s email included this video of Jason Wrobel making Superfood Vegan Tacos. If you can make decipher the dozen orContinue reading “7 Day Vegan – Day Five”

7 Day Vegan – Day Four

I like smoothies.  For the past few years, every week or so, I’ve made a big blender full of smoothie, poured it into 10-12 little kid cups, and put these serving size cups in the freezer.  These make for delicious after dinner snacks.  Depending on the ingredients in the smoothie, these will have an iceContinue reading “7 Day Vegan – Day Four”

7 Day Vegan – Day Three

On my way home from school yesterday, I stopped by the grocery store and bought some cacao and chia seeds so that I could make the Chocolate Chia Pudding that I read about earlier.  I mixed everything together around 6pm and put it in the fridge to solidify.  Three and a half hours later, theContinue reading “7 Day Vegan – Day Three”

7 Day Vegan – Day Two

Day one of #7dayvegan was a success – no cheese, no milk chocolate, no whey protein, no yogurt, no eggs… That feels like a whole lot of “no.” When I consider what I hope this week looks like for me, I want to be sure that it’s not just about getting rid of things fromContinue reading “7 Day Vegan – Day Two”

7 Day Vegan – Day One

My family and I have been vegetarians for the past 3 and a half years.  The transition from meat to meatless was easier than I expected.  We eat most of the same meals that we used to (stir fry, pizza, enchiladas, chili, soup, sandwiches, salads, cereals, egg dishes, tacos and burritos, etc.) just without theContinue reading “7 Day Vegan – Day One”