Cardboard Creativity

After being inspired by watching Caine’s Arcade, some of the people at my son’s coop preschool decided to have a cardboard carnival.  So they’ve planned, and cut, and taped, and built for over a month.  On Saturday, the day finally arrived.  It was inspirational.  Preschoolers and their older siblings took ownership of the carnival games.  They took tickets, explained the rules (which were sometimes quite bizarre), cheered people on as they played, and passed out prizes to the victors.

It was a beautiful demonstration of how energizing and contagious creativity can be.

There were racetrack games made of cereal and diaper boxes, swim noodles, and a whole lot of tape.
There was a basketball game with a functional ball-return.
There was an angry birds style sling shot booth.  (I can neither confirm nor deny that I spent much of my afternoon mesmerized by this booth.)
There was an “air hockey” style game that ended up fostering some lively competition from some adults at the event.
There was a station with extra cardboard and tape for visitors to build their own creations.
And there was candy… which made everything sweeter.

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