Pay Attention, Daddy

My 3 year old is teaching me to pay attention.  His method of instruction is not modeling.  In fact, he’s not the most attentive kid most of the time.  When he wants your attention though, he demands all of it.  Yesterday it started with a simple, “Daddy, look at this.”

He was building something out of blocks and he was so excited to show me.  I sat down with him and asked a few questions about what he’d built.  I told him how cool I thought it was and asked him if I could see it when he finishes.  I naively felt like my dad duty was done for the moment so I got up to move onto something else.  Then I heard it again.  “Daddy, look at this.”

He wants me to stay right there with him as he builds.  He wants to tell me about every single block.  If I try to get up, he protests.  If I pull out my phone, he tells me to put it away.  At one point I look away and he reaches up with both of his hands to grab my face and point it back towards him and the blocks.

I love that he’s like this.  I’m learning to be fully present.  I need lots of practice.

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