150 Word Sample

I’m curious what 150 words actually looks like on a page. I’m requiring my video production students to write a blog post each week for their 20 time projects. These blog posts need to have a least 150 words and an image that they have permission to use. When I first introduced this to the class last week and I mentioned 150 words, I could hear a corporate gasp. It was an utter shock. “Did he really say 150? That’s insane… 150 words is like an essay. It’s too much. How does he expect us to do that every week? Holy moly.” It was as if nearly every student thought that sounded like a short novel. I thought I’d set out to write 150 words in less than 5 minutes. Not only do I plan to write these words that quickly, I also will write them without much content. Done.

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