Delivered Again

A sermon at Emmaus in the middle of a series on the Old Testament called “A Well Worn Path…”

This outcry of Gideon… it’s the outcry of the broken, the unemployed, the lonely, the sick.  It’s the outcry of one who has faced rejection after rejection.  It’s the outcry of you and me when we find ourselves desperate for relief and simply unable to see God anywhere.  “The Lord is with me?!? Where is the Lord in all of the unanswered job applications?  Where is the Lord in the rejection letters?  Where is the Lord in that stack of bills that aren’t going to pay themselves?  Where is the Lord in the miscarriages and all of the negative pregnancy tests?  Where is the Lord in the broken relationship that only seems to get more broken every time I touch it?  Where is the Lord in the cancer?  If this is what it looks like to have the Lord with me, then I don’t think I want it.  Oh, and these miracles that I hear people talk about?  All of these stories that others tell of God’s faithfulness?  Where are those miracles now?  Where is that faithfulness now?  

Does Gideon’s outcry feel familiar?  Have you heard it before? Have you felt it? 

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