Day 1 of the 5K

Day One of the Del Oro Cardio/Health 5K was a huge success.  The runners and the encouragers seemed to have a lot of fun.  Almost everyone beat their goal times.  There were two injuries (a definite downside) but I think that everyone will survive to run again.  Here were a few of my favorite moments from Day One:

  • The Signs – There were a few that said, “Run Like you Stole Something,” one that said “Don’t Fall,” and a two sign combo that was a runner favorite.  The first of the two said, “You’ve been running longer than…” and the second finished with “…Kim Kardashian was married.”
  • The Enthusiasm – I told the encouragement teams that they might be the best thing that happens to these runners so they should cheer like it matters.  They did.  They were energetic and encouraging and excited the whole time.
  • The Feedback – We had a few minutes to debrief in the classroom after the run.  Everyone was very positive about the experience.  One student mentioned that she was especially encouraged when she passed another runner and this other runner said, “You are doing great.  Keep it up.”  I love this.
  • The Competition – We had 4 heats yesterday and we’ll have another 4 today.  I had students stopping by the classroom at lunch to see if their times were still in the top 5.  They’re thinking about running when they aren’t in class.  This is awesome.

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