Creativity at home

“Why is it that it’s so easy to pour our creative selves into a project at work but so hard to show that same creativity at home with our kids?”

I recently had breakfast with a few dads who, like me, have jobs that lend themselves towards creativity.  We reflected, somewhat sadly, about our intense creative pursuits at work and our relative lack of creative drive at home.  We threw out a handful of thoughts as far as reasons for the discrepancy but in general, I left that breakfast feeling motivated to bring some creativity home.  So for lent, I’ve decided to start a fridge conversation with my kids.  On weekdays, I’m up and out of the house before anyone else is awake.  I’ve been leaving messages for my kids on the refrigerator with letter magnets each morning.  Here are some highlights for the past week and a half:

photo 1

I started pretty simple.  Just a note to let them know that I was thinking about them.

photo 2

After a few days of messages from me with no response, I had to ask for a reply.

photo 3

It worked.

One day last week, they woke up to a sweet offer.  That evening on the way to milkshakes though, they were fighting incessantly in the car.  I “turned this car around.”  There were lots of tears and lots of pleading.  There were no milkshakes.

photo 5

The next day, we gave it another shot… and we all had a blast.


This morning’s message is a simple one.

I’m loving the opportunity to surprise my kids each morning.  The moment I walk through the door in the afternoon and see their message to me is the sweetest moment of my day.  May this Lenten discipline of focused creativity at home not stop at Easter.

photo (1)

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