It’s hard to do things you don’t want to do

The request was simple enough.  I’ve made the same request of my kids almost every day for the last few years.  “Please pick up the toys in the living room.”  They always eventually comply.  There are sometimes complaints, bargaining, and tears (theirs, not mine) but eventually, they pick up the toys.  When I made theContinue reading “It’s hard to do things you don’t want to do”

We had a poo poo party

We told our 2 and a half year old that when he was no longer wearing diapers, we’d throw a piñata party to celebrate.  We even went as far as purchasing the piñata and hanging it over the changing table as a reminder/motivator.  Well, yesterday was the best (and so far, only) Poo Poo PartyContinue reading “We had a poo poo party”

A month of meals

Anders is one month old.  We’ve held and cuddled this little baby almost constantly over the last 4 weeks.  He’s starting to become more aware of his surroundings and it’s delightful to see his eyes search for something (even if it’s just a shadow or a light).  We’ve navigated through some of the difficulties ofContinue reading “A month of meals”

And the family gets a bit bigger

We welcomed Anders Bradshaw Zerwas to the family (and the world) yesterday.  He’s healthy, and happy, and heavy (9lbs, 2oz).  We are as ecstatic as these pictures make us seem (a little tired, but still ecstatic).  He came during my week off from work.  Anders, could you have more perfect timing?  I think we’re goingContinue reading “And the family gets a bit bigger”

Why and What we Eat

A sermon at Emmaus about love, life, community and food. Paul say to discern, notice, and pay attention to the Body of Christ. He goes on to say that you (all of you) are the Body of Christ… This was the first time that I have ever taped anything underneath chairs during a sermon. IContinue reading “Why and What we Eat”

Set the World On Fire

My wonderful sister-in-law, Evin, gave my oldest son a card for his first Birthday. It was a simple piece of white card-stock – about 5 inches across. On it she wrote these words “Go forth and set the world on fire.” It’s apparently a quote from St. Ignatius of Loyola. That’s it. It’s so simple.Continue reading “Set the World On Fire”

Searching For God Before 9 And After 5

We are obsessed with work… obsessed with accomplishing, and achieving. We want to be more efficient and productive. We rush from one thing to the next, checking email on our phones while standing in line at the grocery store or stopped at a red light. We’re addicted to work, and productivity. We’ve gone too far.Continue reading “Searching For God Before 9 And After 5”