What should we do today?

At the beginning of the summer, everyone in our family shared one thing that we were hoping to do this summer.  The kids shouted out things like camping trips, bike rides, and ice cream parties.  I thought for a little while before realizing that what I really wanted was to have a few mornings whenContinue reading “What should we do today?”

Creativity at home

“Why is it that it’s so easy to pour our creative selves into a project at work but so hard to show that same creativity at home with our kids?” I recently had breakfast with a few dads who, like me, have jobs that lend themselves towards creativity.  We reflected, somewhat sadly, about our intenseContinue reading “Creativity at home”

Just turn the controller around

I took my 6 year old to the dentist last week.  As soon as he walked in the waiting room, I could tell that he was far more excited than he should be at the dentist – no offense to dentists.  His eyes got wide and he marched directly across the room to a videoContinue reading “Just turn the controller around”

Pay Attention, Daddy

My 3 year old is teaching me to pay attention.  His method of instruction is not modeling.  In fact, he’s not the most attentive kid most of the time.  When he wants your attention though, he demands all of it.  Yesterday it started with a simple, “Daddy, look at this.” He was building something outContinue reading “Pay Attention, Daddy”

A Birthday Date at the Coolest Playground in the World

For our kids’ birthdays, Morgan and I always give them a special date with us (just us – no brothers or sisters).  Bracken turned 6 this month and for his special date, we took him to what I now consider the coolest playground in the world.  I’m not exaggerating.  It’s called The Berkeley Adventure PlaygroundContinue reading “A Birthday Date at the Coolest Playground in the World”

Cardboard Creativity

After being inspired by watching Caine’s Arcade, some of the people at my son’s coop preschool decided to have a cardboard carnival.  So they’ve planned, and cut, and taped, and built for over a month.  On Saturday, the day finally arrived.  It was inspirational.  Preschoolers and their older siblings took ownership of the carnival games. Continue reading “Cardboard Creativity”

It’s good to be loved by your neighbor

My neighbor (who also happens to be my father-in-law) made my day twice yesterday.  When I stopped by my house between school and back to school night, I saw that our lawn (which I have been neglecting for the last 2+ weeks) had been mowed.  This is no small feat, as we’ve got a bigContinue reading “It’s good to be loved by your neighbor”

Here’s what happened this summer

Today marks the end of my first summer as a teacher.  It was a fantastic and full summer.  Not that you asked, but here are some of the highlights: Del Oro’s Graduation made national news so we had to do it again a few days later.  It turned out to be a good experience forContinue reading “Here’s what happened this summer”