A student showed me Quizlet

In the intro to technology class that I teach, students are introduced to a slew of new vocabulary.  Over the course of a 9 week quarter, students learn 200 tech-related vocab terms.  They take a quiz on a subsection of these terms each week and their final at the end of the course includes all 200 terms.  We call it the big 200, and as it approaches, it’s not uncommon to see students all over campus with massive stacks of flashcards, quizzing one another, and trying to prepare themselves as best they can.

In the past, I have required that students create flash cards.  One of the things that I like about the flash cards is that when I give students time to review, I can walk the room and easily see who has taken the time to prepare, as they’ve got a stack of cards with terms and definitions.  Some of the feedback on the course evaluation that last term’s students filled out indicated that there were a handful of students that already have a method for studying vocabulary that doesn’t include flashcards.  So I’m trying something different this term.  Instead of requiring flash cards, I’m requiring that students have a system for studying that they can explain to me and that they can use at home and at school.

As I walked the room yesterday checking in on students’ systems, I saw that one student was typing the vocab terms and definitions into an online tool called Quizlet.  I was intrigued so I asked her to send me a link when she was done.  She did, and it’s amazing.  Once entering the terms and definitions, you can quiz yourself, print flashcards or a glossary, have the computer read the terms or definitions aloud, or play different games that will help you with memorization.  You can also setup a free account and Quizlet will track your progress as you work your way through different vocab sets.

Thanks for introducing me to Quizlet, Maria.

Oh, Technology.

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