Put your cell phones away

I love showing this video on my first day with new students.  I include it as part of my explanation of classroom procedures by saying something like this: I expect that when you are in this class, you will have your cell phone completely put away so that it’s not a distraction to you.  IfContinue reading “Put your cell phones away”

Just turn the controller around

I took my 6 year old to the dentist last week.  As soon as he walked in the waiting room, I could tell that he was far more excited than he should be at the dentist – no offense to dentists.  His eyes got wide and he marched directly across the room to a videoContinue reading “Just turn the controller around”

Pay Attention, Daddy

My 3 year old is teaching me to pay attention.  His method of instruction is not modeling.  In fact, he’s not the most attentive kid most of the time.  When he wants your attention though, he demands all of it.  Yesterday it started with a simple, “Daddy, look at this.” He was building something outContinue reading “Pay Attention, Daddy”

A Birthday Date at the Coolest Playground in the World

For our kids’ birthdays, Morgan and I always give them a special date with us (just us – no brothers or sisters).  Bracken turned 6 this month and for his special date, we took him to what I now consider the coolest playground in the world.  I’m not exaggerating.  It’s called The Berkeley Adventure PlaygroundContinue reading “A Birthday Date at the Coolest Playground in the World”

You can do that!

This was a welcome speech given to freshmen at Georgia Tech this week.  I’m considering doing something similar for back to school night on Monday.  Instead of “changing the world and building an Iron Man suit,” I might crescendo with “Do you want to check your student’s grades and missing assignments?  You’re at Del Oro…Continue reading “You can do that!”

Having something to say

I can’t remember where I heard it.  It was a few years ago when someone I trusted (but can’t seem to remember) said something like, “There’s a difference between having to say something and having something to say.”  I’m not sure if it was related to teaching (I was taking classes for my credential atContinue reading “Having something to say”

It’s hard to do things you don’t want to do

The request was simple enough.  I’ve made the same request of my kids almost every day for the last few years.  “Please pick up the toys in the living room.”  They always eventually comply.  There are sometimes complaints, bargaining, and tears (theirs, not mine) but eventually, they pick up the toys.  When I made theContinue reading “It’s hard to do things you don’t want to do”

We had a poo poo party

We told our 2 and a half year old that when he was no longer wearing diapers, we’d throw a piñata party to celebrate.  We even went as far as purchasing the piñata and hanging it over the changing table as a reminder/motivator.  Well, yesterday was the best (and so far, only) Poo Poo PartyContinue reading “We had a poo poo party”

A month of meals

Anders is one month old.  We’ve held and cuddled this little baby almost constantly over the last 4 weeks.  He’s starting to become more aware of his surroundings and it’s delightful to see his eyes search for something (even if it’s just a shadow or a light).  We’ve navigated through some of the difficulties ofContinue reading “A month of meals”