7 Day Vegan – Day Six

I’ve got my first vegan race tomorrow.  The race itself isn’t vegan but it will be the first race that I have competed in since being a vegan.  It’s the Auburn Triathlon and I’ll just be doing the 10k run leg of the relay.  My training this week has felt fine.  I haven’t had any earth shattering “I can run a whole lot faster now that I’m not fueling with cheese” moments, but I also haven’t felt lethargic like I might have expected with a diet change.  My two teammates are high school students from the school where I teach.  I’ve never had them in class but I’ve heard that they are insanely fast when it comes to swimming and biking.  I’m not exactly sure what the field will be like for this race but these students think we might have a shot at winning.  That would be fun.

I think that the post race celebration could be a challenge for me as far as food goes.  I only race about 6 times a year (two marathons, two half marathons, and two 10ks) and when I finish I like to celebrate with whatever deliciousness they are handing out at the finish line.  I especially like it when they have chocolate chip or oreo cookies, bagels with cream cheese, pancakes/waffles… the good stuff.  Maybe I’ll bring something celebratory with me tomorrow.  Or maybe I’ll stop somewhere on the way home for a vegan treat.

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