Del Oro Multimedia at STN

Just last week, a team of 7 students from Del Oro High School piled into rental cars and made their way down to LA for the annual Student Television Network Convention.  Contests were entered, seminars were attended, videos were shot and edited, lessons were learned, friendships were strengthened, and memories were made. To the 2013Continue reading “Del Oro Multimedia at STN”

A New Season of Life

For the past 7 years I’ve been working for a company that builds websites for churches and small businesses.  My role with the company included design, development, marketing, customer support and training, web, social media, and SEO consulting, product development, and a handful of other things.  There were many rewarding aspects of the work butContinue reading “A New Season of Life”

Group Study Guides

The final exam in Cardio/Health will take place on Wednesday and Thursday and will cover the first 5 units of the term.  There’s a lot for students to review in order to be well prepared for the test.  In class yesterday, I followed Mrs. Bailey’s lead and split the students into 6 groups.  Each groupContinue reading “Group Study Guides”

5k Reflection

The Del Oro Cardio/Health 5K came and went and I think it was a huge success.  Students legitimately seemed to be enjoying running.  The crazy fan groups did an amazing job supporting the runners.  Several students posted some very fast times.  The whole 2 day (8 heat) event was marked by an atmosphere of funContinue reading “5k Reflection”

Day 1 of the 5K

Day One of the Del Oro Cardio/Health 5K was a huge success.  The runners and the encouragers seemed to have a lot of fun.  Almost everyone beat their goal times.  There were two injuries (a definite downside) but I think that everyone will survive to run again.  Here were a few of my favorite momentsContinue reading “Day 1 of the 5K”